Ribbons. I have a new go-to tangle that I love: Pea-nuckle. Here, I’ve used it to make sets of curled ribbons. Originally, I didn’t much care for this particular tangle. I often threw it back in the jar when it came up randomly. Not any more, though. I watched Eni Oken’s Art Club video for a different way of drawing this tangle. And now, I love it! I’m also in love with this gray-toned paper!

Pods. These look like some kind of alien pods. I’m not sure if they are alive or not! Rundel is an interesting tangle. It’s self-contained, shaped a bit like Purk, and doesn’t look all that good when you first draw it. As you can see above, with some additional decoration and shading, it really looks much more interesting. Zentangle drawn on Strathmore Vellum Bristol using a black, Micron pen.

Sticks. Do you know what a Talking Stick is? It comes to us from the Native American Traditions. It was a decorated stick that was used during group council meetings. Whomever was holding the stick had the floor, and was the speaker. They were the only person allowed to talk and could continue until they relinquished control of the stick. As I was drawing these bars decorated with Scute, they kept reminding me of talking sticks!