Oh say, Can you see?

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I wear glasses all the time. I put them on when I get up in the morning and I take them off at night, when I go to bed. Recently, however, I’ve realized that my eyes are getting “older” and aren’t working quite as well as I would like. Because of this, I decided to get some specialized eyewear for specific tasks.

The first new pair I got was special glasses for working on my computer. The are set up so that the exact focusing length is right where my monitor is. I also had them coated to block out the blue light from electronic screens. What a huge difference they have made! I can see my screen very clearly without having to jink my head and neck around to look out of the middle section of my bifocals! No more sore neck and shoulders, no more red, tired eyes. I LOVE them!

That experiment went so well, I decided to see what I could find for drawing. I discovered that Amazon has clip on magnifiers in various strengths for only $6.99! I figured they were worth the gamble and ordered a pair. They arrived promptly. Inside the box was a heavy-duty zip-seal plastic pouch containing the clip-ons and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Note: I actually ordered a more expensive version that included the micro fiber cloth. The cost was $12.52. These may no longer be available.

These are very nicely made, and I’m very impressed with the quality for the price.

They clipped onto my glasses very easily and fit perfectly! I was worried that there would be a problem on a thicker, plastic frame, but I had no problem at all.

WOW these work really well! I had no problem using them for drawing, even very fine lines closely placed were very crisp and clear. As far as I’m concerned, these are perfect for tangling and crafts.

Ok, this is even better. If I need to do something else for a minute or two, the magnifiers flip up. I can get up and wash my hands or get a glass of water without having to take them off my glasses… Awesome!

So these have passed all the tests I had for them with flying colors. If you want to order your own, they are listed as Daiso Japan Optical Clip-on Flip-up Magnifying Reading Glasses on Amazon.

They come in several different strengths. I chose +2.50. They are working great for me. You will need to figure out what YOU need, because you may need a different strength than I did. One way to test would be to go to the nearest drug store and take a Zentangle with you. Test the various strengths of the over-the-counter reading glasses and make a note of the magnification that works best for you!

So, would I recommend these? Oh, yes! And I will probably purchase a couple of pairs for Christmas gifts for a few people I know!