Website Update

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It’s a New Day!

Notice anything different?

There’s been some major changes to the website. The look is a little different. The major portion of the changes are under the hood. I am no longer using Wordpress. Instead, this is now a static website. That removed all of the crazy maintenance and overhead that Wordpress required. That means I now have more time to create art!

Instead of the menu just below the words “”, the menu is over on the right side of the header bar. The Zentangle Gallery and Art Journal Pages now work on phones and tablets, to the best of my knowledge. I know they work on iPhone and iPad, because I’m able to test those. In addition, the Art Journal Pages are now sized properly.

The home page will now show you a thumbnail of the daily Zentangle or featured image, and part of the text of the post. In most cases, you will not see all of the associated text. If you go to the full post, the tangles in the “Tangles” list at the bottom of the post are now clickable so you can see all the other posts containing that particular tangle. There are also sharing buttons for popular services above and below the post to make it easier for you to share the things you like. The link to my Facebook page is also right there, so you can click on it and comment on the post or ask questions or talk to me about tangling!

If you look over to the right, below the tags, you’ll see a cloud of tangle names. Now, if you click on one of them, you will see all of the posts that contain images or references to that particular tangle. That’s a big deal!

The original minimalist design is still here, just slight changes were made for aesthetic or functional reasons. I don’t like a lot of clutter and I prefer the whole site to be an experience more like going to an art gallery. I prefer to have the art stand on its own merit without any distractions.

I hope you like the changes. You’re welcome to comment on my Facebook page!